Perfect for narrow, sloping plots

Here we have worked on giving the living rooms different qualities, including outdoors. On the upper level there is a large, open roof terrace, while the covered balcony on the ground floor is more sheltered from the weather.

Wooden houses with MINI elements - Factory package

Production drawings

  Drawings of exterior walls
  Window specification
  Roof trusses/rafters plan
  Production drawings of structure
  Statical calculations of structure
Our technical study includes the following services as part of the
  Preparation of working structural drawings
  Static stability test on the structures, including:
  Verification of the structural design drawings
  Verification of material test certificates
  Technical inspection reports

Frame Construction

This means you get: construction for external walls bearing internal walls included as raw material, Roof construction, Rafters
  Posts: 140x140mm glue-laminated timber
  Beam supports: 140x240mm glue-laminated timber
  Bearing internal walls: Timber construction C24 / 45×95/120/145mm

Roof construction

Supply of trussed rafter roof. The on-site supply and installation of the structure for the creation of the roof includes:
Supporting beams with roof trusses in accordance with the structural
25 x 100 mm battens
18 mm OSB panel covering
Breathable membrane / RIWEGA DO 135
25 x 50 mm battens + usb tip kont - tape
From 1 to 9 – included in the price
From 10 to 15 – NOT included in the price
All the solid and/or laminated timber structures meet the requirements
set out in clause a) of section 11.1 of the ntc 2018 standards
(ce marking of structural elements)

MINI elements – Wooden panels

This means you get: external walls, insulated and with wooden cladding, bearing internal walls included as raw material, roof construction / Rafters.
Optional on request: transport and installation. The internal planning can be modified. In case of minor changes, the price of the house remains the same. If you wish to build according to your own project, we can calculate an individual offer based on your drawings.
Due to fixed panel dimensions, we’ll be able to produce your house in a very short time. And because the elements are small, they’ll be easy to ship not only all over continental Europe, but also to islands, using containers.
  Insulated wall elements (MINI ELEMENTS)
  Wooden cladding UYVk 18×145 Spruce AB – horizontal
  Wind barrier TYVEK or RIWEGA
  Timber construction KVH C24 / 40x100mm with cc 600mm interval
  100mm insulation ROCKWOOL / SUPERROCK
  12mm OSB Plates

Windows and terrace doors

Supply and installation of all windows and window doors
All the windows and patio doors are triple glazed with double cavity and have Class S profiles (as specified in standard EN 12608). They also have a very
high radiation resistance value (12 GJ/m2), well above the limit
stipulated by the standard.
The supply of windows and patio doors is as follows:
PVC, in white or in a colour selected from our catalogue
Triple glazing with double cavity
Class S profiles
Radiation resistance coefficient equivalent to 12 GJ/m2
Thermal performance coefficients Uw value = up to 0.50 W/(m2K) / Uf value = 0.95 W/(m²K)
Window doors higher than 210 will be subject to a surcharge
Sliding doors / sliding windows are not included in the price
We use the Brügmann bluEvolution 82 window system

Delivery to the property

Delivery time – ca. 6 weeks
Before house installation, the following things need to be on site:
Concrete foundation based on drawings and measurements provided by Norges Hus Nova OÜ
Access for 40t trucks
Electrical supply
Possibility of storing materials on site

List of technical supplies and services not included

The following are not included in the supplies and are
therefore the responsibility of the client:
Foundation slab
Scaffolding and portable ladders
Plugging of openings and perimeter walls before finishing coat
Where it is not possible for articulated trucks to access the construction site,
transport from the nearest accessible unloading point to
the site is the responsibility of the client
Lodging for the assembly team for the entire duration of the assembly phase
Disposal of site waste
Everything not explicitly specified in the sections set out in this offer
  Wooden house 32: €14.643 + VAT
  Transport: from €1.500 + VAT
  Visible beams: €4.468 + VAT
  Assembly: €5.500 + VAT
  Total costs: €41.500. + VAT
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Why choose Norges Hus?


The structure of our timber-frame houses has been developed taking into consideration the specific climatic requirements and building rules in Norway. We use only high quality solid construction timber.


We understand that combining good, cost-effective building science with the right products and materials can help create a home that s healthier and more efficient - while being kind to the environment.


With over a decade of experience in home building, Norges Hus has what it takes to provide quality products, quality construction and customer satisfaction.

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