Production of prefabricated houses

Norges Hus Nova OÜ is a company based in Estonia, specializing in
manufacturing and mounting of prefabricated timber-frame houses across
Europe. Our houses can be found in Scandinavia, Central Europe and in
Mediterranean countries.
Both our production department and office are located in Tallinn. We
currently have more than 20 employees who take care of sales, visual and
technical drawings, production, project management, etc.
We are firmly convinced that it is possible to build a stable house of high
quality, which will correspond to Norwegian requirements and regulations
at affordable price. Every house is designed with care, competence,
experience and impeccable quality.

Technical details of production

The structure of our timber-frame houses has been developed taking into
consideration the specific climatic requirements and building rules of
Norway. We use only high quality solid construction timber. Kiln dried,
planed, finger-jointed solid wood of 13 meters enables us to deliver
outstandingly stable wooden buildings of up to 3 floors.
The specification of external walls and the roof are designed to offer
minimal loss of energy to keep the houses warm and cosy against the
wind, the rain or the snow. The roof construction has a U value of 0,13
W/m²K. Depending on the outside finishing, the U value of the external
walls reaches from 0,11 W/m²K (wooden cladding) to 0,10 W/m²K (mineral
plaster). All the materials used in our houses come from certified
international producers.
Norges Hus production facilities are located in North Estonia,
approximately 20 kilometres from Tallinn. The skilled production team
prepares elements for each house with care and commitment, providing
high production quality and maximal customer satisfaction.
Skills, experience, quality – prefabricated timber-frame houses directly
from the manufacturer.