Factory package

General description

The supply and assembly of the components of the house are understood to be for
the unfinished building at an advanced stage with trussed rafter roof.
Energy rating
Almost passive house energy rated A+ or above
Noise rating
Class 1
Structural rating
Timber building with seismic resistance class 1
Framed external bearing wall structure finished with external wood fibre
render with thermal performance coefficient equivalent to:
U = 0.135 W/m2
Roof with exposed beams
The roof with exposed beams supplied has a thermal performance coefficient equivalent to:
U = 0.18 W/m2
Structures in solid and/or laminated wood
The solid and/or laminated wood structures meet the
requirements set out in clause A of section 11.1 of NTC 2018 standards
(CE marking of structural elements)
All the windows and patio doors are triple glazed with double cavity and have
Class S profiles (as specified in standard EN 12608). They also have a very
high radiation resistance value (12 GJ/m2), well above the limit
stipulated by the standard.
The structural guarantee is for ten years.

Supply and assembly of the external walls includes

Wooden cladding 21 x 145 uyvk spruce ab - horizontal or 40mm steico wall protect
Air circulation chamber
30x45 mm wooden counter-battens
Breathable waterproof membrane 0.5 mm thick riwega usb wall 85
Wooden post structure c24 - 200mm, wall height 2500, 2600 or 2700mm
Thermal insulation, total thickness 200 mm
Vapour barrier 0.2 mm

Supply of internal walls

Supply and assembly of the internal walls includes structure
of the walls with wooden posts 45 mm thick, of variable
widths (95/145/195 mm)

Supply and assembly of the top floor

Only for two-storey houses
The supply and assembly of the top floor (only for two-storey houses)
OSB (engineered wood) panels 18 mm thick
240 mm wooden beams with variable spacing according to the static calculations
Supply of trussed rafter roof. The on-site supply and installation of the
structure for the creation of the roof includes:
Supporting beams with roof trusses in accordance with the structural
25 x 100 mm battens
18 mm OSB panel covering
Breathable membrane / RIWEGA DO 135
25 x 50 mm battens + usb tip kont - tape
From 1 to 9 – included in the price
From 10 to 15 – NOT included in the price
All the solid and/or laminated timber structures meet the requirements
set out in clause a) of section 11.1 of the ntc 2018 standards
(ce marking of structural elements)

Supply and installation of all windows and window doors

The supply of windows and patio doors is as follows:
PVC, in white or in a colour selected from our catalogue
Triple glazing with double cavity
Class S profiles
Radiation resistance coefficient equivalent to 12 GJ/m2
Thermal performance coefficients Uw value = up to 0.50 W/(m2K) / Uf value =
0.95 W/(m²K)
Window doors higher than 210 will be subject to a surcharge
Sliding doors / sliding windows are not included in the price
We use the Brügmann bluEvolution 82 window system

List of technical services and services included with the supplies

Our technical study includes the following services as part of the
Preparation of working structural drawings
Static stability test on the structures, including:
Verification of the structural design drawings
Verification of material test certificates
Technical inspection reports

List of technical supplies and services not included

The following are not included in the supplies and are
therefore the responsibility of the client:
Foundation slab
Scaffolding and portable ladders
Plugging of openings and perimeter walls before finishing coat
Where it is not possible for articulated trucks to access the construction
site, transport from the nearest accessible unloading point to
the site is the responsibility of the client
Lodging for the assembly team for the entire duration of the assembly phase
Disposal of site waste
Everything not explicitly specified in the sections set out in this offer